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Claudio Esposito penchant for Italian Furniture is more than evident from his 30 over years in the Italian Industry. He stands just like a guardian to an array of major Italian furniture and lifestyle brands.
Claudio, a distinguished name in the industry, has gained vast experiences through his
projects over the years. in recent decades, his love for meticulously crafted Italian furniture and interior design has manifested into architectural homes.
It is this magnification of passion and his desire to exhibit all the characteristics of Italian design and style, that has inspired him to free the reins of his creativity and open up an entirely new horizon. We are elated that his inspiration exponents into evolving, not just within Europe, but to reach many miles across and expanded into Asia Pacific and China.
Mr. Claudio Esposito manages the Area Distribution systems for China and Asia with the mission to ensure the impeccable high-end Italian standards in the East market, for all our Italian furniture brand partners.

Audrey Wang  Sales Director at LBF
Executive with 5 years of professional experience in the industry , with in-depth knowledge of each brand procedures technical assistance and after sales committee.
Demonstrated ability to solve problems, meets challenging goals, and expedites production. Skilled administrator and supervisor of professional and technical personnel

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