altreforme is an Italian contemporary furniture and home accessories brand dedicated to a worldwide niche of luxury and design lovers. Its special collections are realized in aluminium through unique know-how and technologies coming from automotive world, to provide exclusive shapes and innovative finishing, impossible until now. altreforme was founded in 2008 as an ambitious diversification project of Fontana Group, an international group born in Italy in 1956, well-known in the automotive field as a reliable dies maker and aluminium body cars manufacturer, working with prestigious clients like Ferrari, McLaren, RollsRoyce, Jaguar, AlfaRomeo, BMW, Audi, etc. 100% of Ferrari car bodies are manufactured by Fontana Group. altreforme has won important international prizes above all I.dot and Elle Decor Design Award, Top design magazines all over the world has described altreforme as one of the most innovative and iconic company in the furniture industry. The catalog collections are signed by famous designers, archi-star and fashion brands.



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